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A-plus Electronics & Technology Company Limited was established in Hong Kong since 2009 and acquired Harvest Enterprises Company in 2010. Our production hub, Harvest Enterprises Company, was established in 1994 principally engaging in production and development of potentiometers, encoders, switches. Resistive printing of carbon and silver, design of printing layout have also been being done in-house, not to mention, some mold fabrication and metal works. In other words, we are a pretty vertically-integrated manufacturer which enhances our competitiveness. Our company now owns two production facilities, one in China and the other one in Indonesia, with total factory area 16,000 square meters, hiring over 400 people in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

During the past 25 years, we have worked steadily up to a production capacity of over 20 million pieces per year, coming up with a myriad of new and innovative products through customers’ preliminary input or our original idea, obtaining ISO 9001 certifications for our commitment in quality and environment, UL certification on safety. Besides, we earned our place as approved vendor for a great many of foreign reputable companies in various fields, including professional audio, communications, lightings, musical instruments, white goods, home appliances, drones, toys, automobile, mobile phones, personal health equipment, apparatus, consumer video and audio, office equipment, industrial devices, etc.

A-plus Electronics & Technology Company Limited is dedicated to providing quality electronic parts and services to meet and exceed the growing expectations of our customers. At A-plus Electronics, we believe that quality starts with diligent commitment to be ahead of customers' demands, ingenuity of product design, optimal adoption of materials, and ends with persistent attention to every single detail in our operations and productions. In short, we are determined to utilize our resources to offer the best parts procurement experience to you, our most valued customers.

We take pride to inform that there is a legion of avant-garde engineers working around the clock in China, USA, and UK to revolutionize electronic parts, intending to surpass our customers’ imagination of what we can possibly achieve. A-plus are at your beck and call for modified, brandnew, tailored parts, last but not least, forward-thinking as well as technologically advanced parts. It is our steadfast belief that the sky's the limit.